We have a passion for finding
exceptional leadership talent


We have a passion for finding exceptional leadership talent and matching it with great companies, and everything we do is designed to ensure that our clients consistently hire the very best.

Through our innovative Talent Search methodology we structure our engagements to identify, attract, and hire high potential, high performers. Candidates that we recommend not only fit the professional profile, but that also perfectly match the ‘DNA of success’ of our individual clients.

We deliver excellence in every stage of the search process:

Engagement – we invest our time to understand our clients as well as they understand themselves. We carry out a detailed on site assessment as part of our brief. We meet the leadership team to understand the vision and strategy, culture and talent. Defining high performance and understanding what makes an individual successful within the company; capturing the DNA of success within the business.

Execution - We use the outputs of our engagement to drive our research and identification of candidates. We utilise all industry standard search methods, and we overlay with our Talent Search methodology, to ensure that we identify 100% of the very best talent available for the role.

The intelligence behind our Talent Search methodology includes the matching of professional skills, human qualities, and the clients DNA of success. We believe that it is the ability to match all three criteria that ultimately delivers a successful and  predictable outcome.

Outcomewe deliver the highest level of predictability in hiring high performers. And, we back up our commitment to a positive outcome by offering a 4-stage fee structure; we defer a proportion of our fees for 12 months following placement, subject to a positive appraisal of hiring impact.

Everything we do is designed to ensure that our client hire the very best leadership talent... high potential, high performers.